F CUBED was established in 2004 to develop Solar Thermal Desalination, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) and Solar Water Treatment Systems. The system meets the overwhelming need for clean drinking water, producing pure water from saline or polluted sources. In most situations it does this at a much lower cost than conventional systems (reverse osmosis technology) with, most importantly, zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

The company has spent the past five years investing in research and development for a unique desalination unit powered entirely by the sun, to be known as Carocell. The business is now dealing with offices in over 20 countries.

With no power source required, no expensive parts and minimal maintenance and the enormous benefits to industry and from a global humanitarian perspective, the product has already attracted a significant amount of interest from overseas markets without any active marketing.

The company and its staff are passionate about the conservation of water and are committed to helping preserve the precious resource.