Individual Unit Sales and Enquiries

Whether you live in a city, town or village, individual units can be purchased and used to produce pure clean “home made water” using any water source. You can use mains water, well water, sea water, bore water, rain water or other sources – or a combination. The results are the same – Carocell will use the sun’s natural radiation to produce pure clean drinking water.

Whether you have impure water, contaminated water or just don’t like the chemical taste in your water carocell is the answer.

Bulk / Government Enquiries

Desalination is becoming the preferred option for purifying water using a wide variety of processes. Most are extremely energy intensive. Histrorically efficiency levels and capital cost has prohibited the broad use of solar desalination technologies for both basic water needs and large scale desalination projects. BUT now, Carocell technology enables large scale, efficient and cost effective water desalination.

F CUBED solar powered desalination technologies are suitable for the following markets:
  • Rural/domestic
  • Urban
  • Industrial/mining
  • Humanitarian/aid
  • Agriculture/horticulture
  • Bottled water / bottled water replacement
  • Brine purification from industrial desalination plants

Humanitarian / Aid / Charity

F CUBED works with humanitarian, aid and charitable organisations to help provide communities around the world with access to safe, clean water. Our technology can be applied on a large scale (water farm) right through to individual units to service a family unit.

We will provide our expertise and knowledge to assist solving the world’s water supply problems.