Chris Buse – General Manager

With a history in property development and off shore investment models Chris believes the Fcubed Carocell panel will be well used throughout East and West Malaysia due to “Eco Friendly” development directions and current water cleanliness issues throughout the country. Chris attended “EcoBuild 2017” where we were overwhelmed with interest both local and international, eventually partnering with local water giant “Techkem” in the state of Sarawak where they have plans for in excess of 30 million MYR worth of work in 2017 – the Fcubed Carocell panels will become a major part of these developments.

Mike Garwood – Director

With over 20 years in the Oil & Gas industry, Mike has handed over millions in completed projects and manages a multi-million dollar portfolio for one of the world’s largest O&G Enterprises. He’s extensive travel and ability to complete projects on time makes a perfect fit for the larger “water farm” business that Fcubed is setting its sights on. Long stints in both the Middle East and South East Asia allow Mike to feel comfortable in any condition and deliver what’s required for our future clientele.


David Ng – Director

David has over 25 years in the clean water and energy business brining a wealth of knowledge and client contact to Fcubed SEA.  His local company Techkem is multi award winning within the water business and has spread its wings to other regions throughout South East Asia.  Techkem Group comprises of committed and dedicated professionals in the treatment of potable water, sewerage, industrial waste and process water recycle systems. Currently based in Malaysia, Techkem renders support to various industries throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Myanmar and are proud local partners for Fcubed Malaysia.

Selva Kumar – Marketing Executive

Having traveled extensively Selva has a keen eye for what brands suit which regions and how they should be applied.  Too young to retire after Captaining super tankers around the globe Selva settled in to his local “Malaysian” lifestyle and acquired interests in several marketing and advertising companies.  Always active within Malaysia’s Corporate Fund Raising Community, he brings in Fcubed as a perfect partner for other projects under the WFP and several NGO’s.  Selva is always on the lookout for another potential working partner in regions we are yet to engage.

Chris Bryce – Chief Executive Officer

Chris was previously the Chief Executive Officer of the Reject Shop (one of the largest ASX listed retailers in Australia). Chris is a Chartered Accountant and spent over 10 years with PricewaterhouseCoopers working in Melbourne, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. Chris has extensive experience in establishing and growing businesses, particularly in early stage development and started working with the founder of F Cubed in February 2015.

Chris has now developed interests in Bangladesh, India, Malaysia and South Africa with many Government bodies showing great interest in the Fcubed Technology. We firmly believe that this Carocell solar distillation panel will be well known on a world-wide forum within the coming years.  He is an active part of Fcubed South East Asia linking all past connections with the present company developing an interest in the region.  Taking a “hands on” approach – Chris ensures the development of the company in a global context!

Peter Johnstone – Founder (Tribute)

F CUBED (Australia) Pty Ltd was established in 2004, by Peter Johnstone. Peter Johnstone was the CEO and Chairman of F CUBED however Peter passed away in 2016 leaving his work to the incoming CEO and current staff in Melbourne, Australia.  Peter was previously the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Integrated Packaging, one of the largest manufacturer of adhesive plastic film in Australia and New Zealand for 20 years, culminating in a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

He played a pivotal role as inventor and driver of several innovative products such as the patented Round Bale Silage wrapping, the patented Cold Orientation Process (producing extremely thin films with increased mechanical properties and UV life) and the patented X Tend (an ultra thin film for covering crops to increase productivity and reduce the amount of water irrigation required to produce a crop).

During this time, Peter was involved with several Greenfield start-ups, in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland as well as negotiating a number of complex joint ventures and licensing agreements.

Peter and his dedicated global team of professionals have developed what is arguably one of the greenest and most efficient solar technologies available. F CUBED is proud to provide a solution for the world’s growing water crisis.